Thursday, 5 January 2012

Beginning with Blessings

It's easy to rush around getting caught up in the mundane things of everday life
and forget about the blessings in the little things.  

 I hope along the way to share with you some of the things
which make me smile and brighten up my days
(especially needful in these long dark winter days).

First thing to share is something which literally brightens things up
(but it doesn't last long, so had to be first)
some decorations on the christmas tree.

the tree is now safely back in the loft and though it was nice.....
I'm now so pleased with the extra space 
and even more pleased that the children put it away all by themselves - thanks guys.

What better way to brighten your day than a visit to Nana.  
It was a long time since I had taken pictures of her with the children, so I rectified that.

This trio certainly brighten up my day.
They are blessed to not only have grown up with Grandparents around,
but also have had their Great Grandmother who is 97 years old,
and has lots of amazing stories to share with them.

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