Monday, 9 January 2012

Mad About Pigs

My obsession came to the fore again today - PIGS!

Not just any old pigs........


Now for any of you who haven't come across Percy Pig
it is a deliciously  fruity sweet, pink,

soft, gummy and a little stretchy


which are only available at Marks and Spencer

Percy Pigs seem to be the obsession of our family.

The problem we face is
the 240 mile round trip to get to the nearest M&S shop.

But today my lovely aunt came home with a multi pack of 8 bags
the next problem - there are 8 cousins in the family
one bag each!

But I have two children - that means two bags came home to my house : D

Percy's at the ready while doing homework - haha - (wishful thinking)
first day back to school and
NO homework

Don't they just look exceedingly tempting

Well you'll be shocked to discover
 in my attempt to introduce or remind you of the pleasure of
percy pigs
that my children ate them......
not one left!

How devastating was that - so if you also are stuck on an island (or somewhere else)
with your tongue watering at the thought
then that's exactly how I felt earlier.

So how do you make up for eating ALL your PERCY PIGS and not sharing?

That just about made up - thanks hunny!


  1. Hi Jennifer! I found your blog by way of Kirsteen's...What island do you live on?...Is it Lewis Island?
    I have never heard of in the US and all....but I can imagine we'd have the same infatuation! :) Nice to see you blogging! Hope you have a great day!

    1. I'm not quite so remote - it's the Isle of Skye (set between Lewis/Harris and the mainland) it lacks the beautiful beaches of Lewis, but has great character in the hills and mist (in Gaelic it has two names one is Eilean a' Cheo - Isle of the Mist, the other Eilean Sgiathanach - The winged Island).
      I really must get back to doing a few blogs. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Jennifer, I just found your blog! Keep it up!

    Percy Pigs are extremely popular in our house too. I'm not a fan (more of a chocolate girl) but the boys love them. They also happen to be perfectly fine for our allergy boys too. We get Percy Piglets gor Alasdair as he gets a bit sticky with Percy himself. It's a good sweet to keep him sitting still in church too!

    I won't try and make you jealous by telling you how close our nearset Marks is. (a mile and a half)!